Top Ten Cartoons from my childhood days

16 Jun

What is the one thing that you can never forget from your childhood days? I know, because it’s universal for all of us and it’s the cartoons which we loved to watch over and over again. To a degree some of us still do – but let’s just focus on our childhood days .

So here I am refreshing your childhood memories. I know that all of you may have different preferences over cartoons but this list is mine and if it contains some of your favorites too then you will love reading below as much as I enjoyed them.

10. Dinosaucers : The Dinosaucers arrive on Earth while on a quest to save their home planet, Reptilon. With the help of the children Sara, David, Ryan and Paul, they looked for ways to fight the Tyrannos, their enemies in outer space.

9. COPS : In the year 2020, we find former FBI special agent Baldwin Vess working to eradicate organized crime in Empire City with the help of his C.O.P.S. crime-fighting force – with each member a master of a special skill, and dedicated to the cause of justice. They battle the Big Boss and his thugs, who are reminiscent of Prohibition-era gangsters. The show was later re-titled Cyber C.O.P.S. when it was re-aired in 1993.

8. Duck Tales: One of the best Disney TV shows. I love this show. It’s about Scrooge McDuck who had to have his nephews Huewy, Dewey, and Louie stay over at his mansion while Donald Duck is out in the navy. At first Scrooge didn’t want his nephews to stay but then he started to like them more. This show is full of action and humor. This is like one of my favorate Disney cartoons and now I have the first volume on DVD, it’s available in Pakistan. I highly recommend you check this show out.

7. Centurions: Crystal Kane, computer scientist, and her team of top-secret warriors called Centurions try saving the world from destruction at the hands of Doctor Terror’s Doom Drones. The Centurions each have their own exo-frame armors and weapons. The team consisted of the aquatic combat expert, Max Ray; the surface combat expert, Jake Rockwell; and the air combat expert, Ace McCloud. They fight Dr. Terror and Hacker, advanced cyborgs, whose gole is to take over the world.

6. MASK: The Mobile Armored Strike Kommand (M.A.S.K.) is a secret organization who fights crime using technologically advanced masks and vehicles. They fought primarily against V.E.N.O.M. (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem), who usually schemed to make money in various illegal ways.

5.   Captain Planet:  The name of the show is Captain Planet! Of course, he’s going to be the real hero! But the Planeteers had pretty cool powers too. Technically, Kwame had control over the earth, Wheeler had control over fire, Linka had control over wind, Gi had control over water, and Mati had control over heart. So take what you will from that. If you could create fire out of a ring and then control its use, I’m thinking you probably could have pulled a “Human Torch” bit, though Marvel might have gotten a little upset. All an all, it was fun to watch.

4.   Thunder Cats :  Thunder…Thunder…THUNDERCATS HOOO!!! That was the first thing that attracted me towards this amazing cartoon.  As I settled down in front of the television, with my mouth wide open saying, “ThunderCats” would begin. For thirty minutes I would be fixated on the television. Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, Wiley kit, and Wiley Kat, battled the evil forces of their arch nemesis Mumm-Ra. When ready to do battle, Mumm-Ra would trade in his decrepit appearance by reciting an incantation. This would transform him into the powerful, flying, energy ball throwing Mumm-Ra the Ever living. Mumm-Ra was on a quest to get his hands on the infamous Eye of Thundera.

3.   Inspector Gadget : In a serious accident Inspector Gadget damages his body very badly, since he is an efficient inspector so his bosses trying to save him leads him to an experiment in which instruments like weapons, general tools like screw drivers are fixed in his body – and now the fun begins .When Inspector Gadget says “Go-Go Gadget Toothbrush!!!” wooh a toothbrush from his hat appears and does his job. With his amazing built-in powers Inspector Gadget is there to serve humans.

2.   Bionic Six: What a wonderful opening theme song. In the 80’s just about all the cartoons had catchy memorable theme songs, I wonder what happened. Bionic Six like anything from the 80’s had a beautifully animated pilot episode. Bionic 1 was the first and then he took his family on a sky trip, while on the trip aliens landed and the family got caught by the aliens. Bionic 1 brought his family to Prof. Sharp, and the only way to save the family was to give them Bionics. Prof. Sharp had a brother and his brother was the arch villain of the series, named Scarab. Wonderful writing, brother against brother, family fighting together side by side. Enjoyable for anyone young or old, you can enjoy it at many different levels.

and finally number one cartoon according to me

1.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: With four little turtles getting mutant powers from an acid dropped on them. Master Splinter a giant rat trains all the four turtles in specific fields. Like Michelangelo is trained and mastered to use nunchakus.  Donatelo is mastered to use  and he is also interested in technology which makes him smarter of them all. Leonardo is mastered with ninjaken (two swords) and is also considered leader of the team and finally Raphael carries a sai. They all are trained to fight against the evil Shredder and his foot soldiers/clans.

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