Levitation Device Blue Globe

18 Jun

Regardless of your age there are some things which follow you right from your childhood. As an engineering student there were some concepts from my childhood which I didn’t agree with. Like there was one particular famous TV Show from late 80’s called “My Secret Idenity” featuring Jerry O’Connell in which levitation was introduced. This was a new thing in thing at that time so I was so very fantasized by the concept of flying humans.  But as they say “Human brain has capabilities beyond measures”.
Few days back as I was reading this book Physics of the impossible by Michio Kaku I came to know that yes levitation is possible now. As mentioned in the book there are certain super conductor metals which are recently been discovered when placed in front of magnet create enough amount of magnetic filed that anything placed in between them will levitate. Cool! Isn’t it I mean literary flying objects all around you.

Searched on Google and found this device by the name Levitation device. This device proofs the theories mentioned in the book. With this device there comes a globe which levitates within the pad where there is artificial magnetic field all around the pad. Just replace the globe with anything you want to levitate and there you have magic flying object in front you.

If this is possible may be there is a chance that in 15-20 years there will be devices which we attach to humans so that we can also levitate in the air. Mind-blowing isn’t it!! humans flying without any vehicle. No fuel consumption, no traffic just a enjoying beauty of nature all around.

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