The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

05 Jul

Basically there are two types of your mind conscious mind and sub-conscious mind. Conscious state is one which lets you think, learn about different things, you make decisions with your conscious mind.

Sub-conscious mind is on the other hand unaware of what is going on, this simply performs operations like your heart beats, this is your sub-conscious mind, your blood flow this is again your sub-conscious mind. Sub-conscious mind don’t think or argue with your conscious mind. Sub-conscious mind have all the answers for every question.

Sub-conscious mind is 24hour service, you can’t feel it but it is there. Our mind generates +ve and -ve thoughts, this is our conscious mind, these thoughts flow into your sub-conscious mind automatically and this affects your overall personality. Which means that in the morning if you say “I am feeling fresh” you will for sure feel fresh for the whole day or about most part of the day? If you say “I am can’t do it” your conscious mind will send a warning to your sub-conscious mind that hey man this thing can never be done, so you will never take steps to accomplish the task.

The key to success is to make your sub-conscious mind think that you can do everything and you are in good health. Just try it for few days you will feel the difference. In the morning say “I am confident today, i am feeling fresh, my memory is improving day by day” say this statement couple of times a day and you will see that you can achieve anything by just a simple statement.

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