Send Free Eid cards to your loved ones

10 Sep

I remember the time when I was in school, we had a separate subject for drawing in which we explored our creativity. We drew things as they pop’d up into our creative minds. According to studies human creativity is at maximum between the ages 3-10, after which, it decreases with time and age, and even with lifestyles adapted by us.

Good thing about the human creativity is that if humans do not use it then it then it only goes in the background of our minds, and it’s not completely lost. So, at any stage of life if human energize its creative power it’s back in action again, and it can be used anywhere, anytime.  This bust of creativity can used to create great works of art, or simply making small, occasional Eid Cards. Once upon a time, when Eid cards of each and every design and patterns were in great demand across cities of Pakistan, people, especially us – teenagers tried to outdo our friends by spending small fortunes in purchasing bundles for our loved ones. But with the passage of time and technology, that too, felled out of favour, and SMSs and internet took over.

During my collage days, the internet was in full bloom. People, who till recently were sending actual cards, started sending out electronic cards (or e-cards) to their family and friends ones via email. Good thing about these cards is that we can send such cards to any part of the world, instantly. I also adopted the trend and moved along with the tide.

In 1994 Macromedia launched Flash in which animation came into existence that caught people’s attention for sending animated cards. Some cool animation with a heart touching sound was the new trend in the market, from then on and up till now people are sending cards to every part of the world by the internet.

Below I am suggesting some great sites by which you can send out free cards on any event, and including on Eid – the top, and the most cherished annual event on Muslims’ calendar.

Some of the sites that I use regularly are:

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