Was It AM or PM

26 Sep

As a human being it’s natural to express emotions based upon the events in our day to day life. It’s normal to feel depressed when a loved one departs from us. Just yesterday I felt some similar doze of emotion when my uncle (who was with us for last 2 weeks on vacation) went back to Riyadh but hey there is a twist in the story which made all this memorable and forced me to write a blog on it.

Time with our loved ones passes by very fast, same as with my uncle. We spent 2 weeks and didn’t realize where the time flew off but yes we enjoyed it. Coming back to the story as I said my uncle left yesterday (in the evening) so our relatives were coming till the last moment to see off (I hate when people come to visit in the last moment and don’t bother to leave until the plane takes off). My uncle kept telling everyone that I have confirmed my seat and it is in the evening at 4:40 PM.

With all the melo drama and lovely memories uncle left with my bother to the airport. When they were entering the airport; security guard after viewing my uncle’s ticket said “Sir, your flight was in the morning not in the evening.” Oh yes!! You people can surely understand uncle’s feelings at that very moment. Well something must be done and fast my brother said to uncle (who was still in shock). They went to a travel agency where there was this women talking on the phone “What no more flight for today, neither for tomorrow and day after tomorrow.” Oh God my uncle was still trying to cope up with the situation and trying to gain his senses. My brother asked the women what we can do now. She said you can check that other agency maybe they can help you out.

Both my brother and uncle went to the other agency and then they heard the first good news. “Yes sir, we have a flight to Riyadh at 6:00 PM” (time was 5:45). Sign of relief but my uncle’s stars was still on the move. Time was running out, only 15 minutes were left for the plane to take off. Meanwhile there was no news at home from uncle and my brother; no one was picking up the phone, so we were also worried.

“Just wait for 5 more minute’s sir and you’ll get your boarding pass” said the agent, my uncle replied “How come!! Your PC is not working, your internet is not working and even your printer is not working”. Announcement: “Dear passengers!! Flight for Riyadh is ready for takeoff; passengers are requested to kindly proceed to gate no 6” this was from the airport. Just on time the agent gave the boarding pass and my uncle went on board at 5:59 PM leaving behind happy, sorrow and worried feelings for us.

This was a unique incident which I really enjoyed and felt little tensed also. So the conclusion we can make out is DO READ YOUR TICKET CAREFULLY BEFORE TRAVELLING ANYWHERE AND SPECIALLY THE TIME OF FLIGHT… IS IT AM OR PM?


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3 responses to “Was It AM or PM

  1. Marium

    September 26, 2010 at 8:01 am

    ohh god u reminded us again……….well written…….yeah surre that was da most memorable incident of his life.,….he will definitely learn from this experience…….

  2. ayisha

    September 26, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    oh tht was fast!!!”p


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