Restaurant review: Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House

13 Oct

Eating out is one my most favorite things to do. Either it is with family or with friends I love to try out new restaurants every time we go out. Recently heard about this new restaurant in Karachi Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House (in Tariq Road near Naheed Super Market ) and went there for a change. Well it was Sunday; public was there so we waited for around 20 minutes or so. They had all the basics like sekh kabab, malai boti, reshimi kabab, chicken tikka….menu list was on going. We ordered Chicken tikka, Malai Boti and Reshmi Kabab and started waiting for our order.

Due to excessive public our order came a bit late but it was expected. So talking about the quality… well salad was there but the chatni had no taste at all. On the other hand Chicken tikka (please note that leg piece was more tasty than breast piece) was good, no much spicy and tasty. Reshmi kabab were very soft and tasty and Malati boti was also as per expectations.

I was all done when my brother ordered the halwa (he prefers something sweet with every meal). I tasted this halwa and trust me, can’t explain my feelings; it was out of this world. Tried many halwa’s but this was different; not so sweet but so very tasty. So even without any intension I ate 2 parath’s with this halwa…. A must try if you want to miss the best halwa in Karachi I guess.

Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House. Do share your experience here… would love to hear from you.

Yes I enjoyed every bit of it. Not so expensive serving 4 persons in Rs. 1,000 only. So if you are planning for a dine out with your family and friends my recommendation is fo r



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3 responses to “Restaurant review: Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House

  1. Shahid Abbas

    October 24, 2010 at 8:24 am

    thanks for the review… good!!! I will give it a try when I visit Pakistan!!!

  2. Restaurant Rouen

    November 12, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    thank you for all that information very nice article


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