Is GOD Happy With Me

20 Dec

As a human being one thing that distinguishes us from animals is the power given by GOD to choose from right or wrong. Every deed brings us closer to or away from GOD but how do we know that we are getting close to GOD. Is it that GOD blesses those more that are close and bless less to those who are away? In this blog I will try to convey a message based upon my understandings.

Problem with human beings is that they try to find logic in everything and based upon those logic conclude results. In order to analyze yourself there are certain signs which can help us to know that “Is GOD happy with me.”
First sign is “Prayer.” When we love someone we feel honored to invite him/her to our home. We like to have conversation without any time limit. Same way when GOD is happy with us HE blesses with us more prayers. Prayer is simply having conversation with GOD. So ask yourself how many times do you pray in a day?

Second sign is “waking up early every morning.” Every creation from GOD is a masterpiece but we seldom find time to thank GOD for HIS blessings. If you wake up early in the morning it means that GOD is happy with you and HE is providing you a chance to get closer to nature and enjoy every detail.

Third sign is “People come to you with their problems.” GOD surely helps those who help his fellow human beings. If people bring their problems to you this means that GOD wants you to solve their problems.  Don’t help people for any reward; GOD will give you HIS reward.

Last sign is “minor health issues.” It is said that when you have minor issues like headaches, burns, pains this is the when your sins are washed away (small sins). When you are not feeling well it is the time when your prayers are heard for sure so keep praying more when you feel pain.

On the concluding note I just want to say that every life is precious. Every single person is world is here for a reason. In life you have to live with the problems but while facing those problems don’t ever forget reason of your creation.


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2 responses to “Is GOD Happy With Me

  1. Bessy

    December 20, 2010 at 7:56 am

    i must say this was a good post and the length was okay. not too wordy and not lazily written. i must comment on some grammatical errors… fill in some articles (a, an, the) before some words, and check your punctuations. you must know where to put pauses. but that’s pretty much about it. i like the point of the whole article. 🙂

    • Yousuf Rafi

      December 20, 2010 at 8:39 am

      I am glad you liked it… and jazaakALLAH for the feedback Bessy will work on those… yup have to work on the pauses :p


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