Pray and ALLAH will Guide You

27 Mar

Human beings are the greatest creation of ALLAH Subhan o Tala. The quality that separates humans from all other creatures is the power to choose and take decision based upon logical understanding and sometimes faith.

In our daily life we face problems which are our own sins reflected back to us. High and low are the spices of life which enables us to learn the art of living. Living in favorable and unfavorable conditions is called Part of Living but facing and learning from the problem is called Art of Living.

This whole universe is the creation of ALLAH Subhan o Tala and as it said No lock is ever created without a key so how can we expect ALLAH to create problems without a solution. Every problem by ALLAH Subhan o Tala has its own purpose. Sometimes when we divert from our ultimate goal, problem arrives to shift us back on track. Problems are also there to clear off our sins. To every problem there is a valid solution and to solve that problem we need to refer to the higher authority that is ALLAH Subhan o Tala. This is the way I solve most of my problems and it works best when you do it with faith.

The Technique

Whenever you face a problem; whether its solving a math problem or making a decision in business this technique works all the time. Think of the problem and ask ALLAH Subhan o Tala for help (dua). Now offer a prayer (Salah / Namaz) without thinking of the problem. Just concentrate on the prayer and finish your prayer. In the middle of the prayer or after the prayer you’ll receive solution of your problem automatically.

You need to believe on the power of prayer inorder for this method to work properly. I have used this method many times and it helped me to solve unbelievable problems. Whenever I am stuck in any problem, I leave the problem and offer the prayer. Ask and ALLAH Subhan o Tala will guide you with the best solution.   

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