I Will be Happy When……

05 Jun

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I will be happy if I drive a luxurious car for the rest of my Life.  I will be happy if everyone starts loving me. I will be happy if I can get whatever I dreamed of. Do these questions ponder you to think what’s your measure of happiness is.  Is it a luxurious car, an expensive home or something else?

Every day we dream of many things which can make us happy. But does happiness really depend on material wealth or is it just a state on mind. Yes state of mind is what happiness is all about. A research at University of Stanford clearly explains happiness in terms of state of mind. Two groups were formed. First group consists of people who just won a million dollar lottery while the second group comprised of people who were handicapped in an accident.
Both the groups were asked a question “Are you happy with your current situation?” As expected the first group who won the million dollar lottery were very happy and excited. The second group amazingly also said that they are also happy with their current situation.   

After a year this research was again conducted with the same groups. This time the first group said “Yes its okay and we are living a normal life” while the other group gave the same answer “Yes we are very happy with the current situation.” So what really changed in a year that the lottery group changed their state. It’s their state of mind which allowed them to adjust their surroundings.

From the above example we can conclude that “Happiness is learning to adjust with your surroundings.” Now this can be possible if we ask questions with our self. Is this the Life I want? Is this the way I want my Life will proceed. If you are satisfied with your current life than its okay but if not than work out enough to create your desired surroundings. Life is lived once so live is well. As Bill Gates said “If you are born poor that’s not your mistake but if you die poor than this is your mistake.”

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