The String Theory

03 Aug

“Human brain has a capacity to overcome the whole cosmos in the universe. Brain can process 1,00,000,000 instructions per second.” Mazahib aur Aqal e Insani. That is the actual capacity of human brain.

Since school I had a belief that smallest particle in the universe is atom. But recently I saw in the program Mazahib aur Aqal e Insani that latest research found a theory called “String theory.” String theory says that “Apart from electrons in an atom there are particles smaller in the atom known as quarks. Quarks are made of tiny strings which are composed of light.”
In the Quran it is mentioned that ALLAH created human beings and then blessed with a soul in the form of noor. Above discovery help us to relate that humans are created with noor (strings). We all are blessed with enormous amount of brain capacity but we rarely polish it or use it.

Einstein used 15% of brain power but normal humans only use 10% of total brain power now how come this? As referred in the book Power of Visualization that 10% of our brain capacity lies in our left brain called the analytical brain while 90% of our brain power lies in our right brain called as creative brain.

In our daily activities we give value to thinking and mathematical activities while ignoring 90% of our brain potential. Left and Right brain comprises of individual qualities which make the human brain If we visualize our goals (that will make use of our creative power) on daily basis and then apply mathematical calculations, in this manner we can utilize most of our brain power.

ALLAH Subhan o Tala blessed us with the fastest super computer in the universe we just need to exercise it more to get more from it. You can several exercises from the links given below:

Humans are referred to as Ashraful Makhluqat because they consist of unlimited power to utilize their brain for successful, happy and prosperous life.


Posted by on August 3, 2011 in Driving Force, Islamic Character


3 responses to “The String Theory

  1. Amnah Khan

    September 10, 2011 at 11:48 am


    I want to know if you hire writers for your website?

    • Yousuf Rafi

      September 12, 2011 at 7:34 am

      Asalam o Alikum,

      yes sure Amna you can write… but this is my personal blog… I can’t hire you… I will make you a contributor and you can share your posts.

  2. emwhytee

    October 10, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    This topic is debatable, as string theory is not proven yet. It has fallacies so it can’t be related as it is now. If you really want to know about the person who introduced the theory, checkout and search for “Leonard Susskind.


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