How to solve your problems with Prayer

12 Sep

Ever had an experience that you are facing a problem and then suddenly a perfect solution comes into your mind which works out really well. Ever wondered how it is possible that your brain delivers a perfect solution with just an Ada moment. I use power of prayer to solve my problems from quite some time and this works perfectly well.

Our schools teach us to polish our left hemisphere of the brain which only consists of 10% of our overall potential. But the rest 90% of our brain potential lies in the right hemisphere, known as the “creative brain.” When solving problems we normally use our analytical, logical skills part of the brain. But if we first visualize our problem and send a message to our sub conscious mind we will get a solution by our higher self and this solution sets perfectly well. ALLAH Subhan o Tala blessed us with a beautiful mind and its upto us to use it efficiently.
 The Technique

This is how I solve my problems. Whenever I face a problem, I write down all the details of my problem on a piece of paper. I then offer a prayer and in this prayer I concentrate on the verses of Quran and blessings from ALLAH Subhan o Tala. At the end of prayer I find the solution popping in my mind. It’s like magic but trust me that this thing works all the time.

How this is possible

When in normal condition our brain operates at Beta frequency (this means that our brain is active for logical thinking). The reason why meditation is considered to be effective is because meditation shifts our brain frequency from Beta level to Alpha level (which is known as creative brain). That’s why people often suggest meditating when we feel stressed. Because meditation make us feel relaxed.

Recent discovery in science proved that when we pray our brain frequencies shift from Beta level to Alpha level. Human solve problems by accessing their Alpha level frequency.

Our problems are milestones from GOD which makes us strong. If you really want to solve problems and stay at peace than connect with the ultimate source and ask for help. You will be guided with the best possible solution. Ask for help and you’ll get it!!


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2 responses to “How to solve your problems with Prayer

  1. tayyibairam

    September 14, 2011 at 4:57 am

    Brilliant Yousuf. When you write you write with your heart and thats why it touches hearts

    • Yousuf Rafi

      September 14, 2011 at 6:29 am

      jazaakALLAH for your feedback buddy… your feedback motivates me to write more and more… (: thank you soooo much (:


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