Will 9-5 be enough?

02 Feb

I hit the snooze button for the 5th time but I was still felling exhausted. As I was getting ready for work, my attention was diverted towards the 9 o clock news. “Last night this many people died; petrol prices rising once again; men shot his wife dead. Made me think!! I wake up every day, go to work come home and sleep without giving a thought on what’s happening in the world.

People in Pakistan always complain that things are not right in Pakistan but the question we should be asking ourselves daily is what value we are adding to make a difference in the world. Will 9-5 job be enough to make Pakistan a better place? Yes job is an essential part of life but along with our jobs there are certain things which reflect image of Pakistan to the world.
Firstly we Pakistani’s are not even united as Pakistani’s. Chor kar gaya tha Jinnah ek Musalman, ab bastay hain yahan ek Sindhi, ek Balochi aur ek Pathan. Cast system destroyed our nation. Cast system is also a major conflict in India but when faced with global problems Indians work as Indians not individuals.

We Pakistani’s do jobs in such a manner that we try to find shortcuts in every task. We feel proud that we made other people fool but in reality all comes back to us. Just like a Boomerang. No matter how hard you hit, it will come back to you. Same way when we hurt people; someday it will come back to us. With so many people doing bad everyday Pakistan is suffering all the consequences.

We all are adding value but keeping only self interest in mind. As Pakistani’s love to make fun of our politicians and spread joke around system of Pakistan; this is reality and it portray negative image of Pakistan to the rest of the world.

Earning money is good but earning it with unfair means is not good at all. While on the job every single Pakistani should keep country interest in mind. Yes work like a rock star, shine on work every single day but know your values. Do a 9-5 job but do in such a manner that people from all over the world give examples on your sincerity, honesty and determination.

Work as a team not as individuals. In work place I often notice people achieving something and then shouting on their success. As the wise saying goes “If you want to go far, work alone but if you want to go fast go as a team.”

It’s now time to think for our country and taking things in our own hands. In life there are two circles. Circle of concern and circle of influence. Circle if influence is usually smaller than circle of influence. People succeed when their circle of concern gets bigger than their circle of influence. On a final thought do make sure that when your circle of influence gets bigger than your circle of concern it’s more towards betterment of Pakistan.

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