5 Alternative Softwares to make your PC super fast

09 Feb

Maintaining a PC to run at its best is really a tedious job. But the good news is with the replacement of some common software’s you can boost your PC’s performance.

PDF Reader

Despite of large size and heavy memory usage Adobe Acrobat is considered to be one of the most popular PDF readers. But it’s not necessary that what’s popular is the best available. Wan to suggest an alternative Foxit Reader which is half the size of Acrobat reader and serves its purpose well.

Acrobat reader: 51mb
Foxit: 17mb
Memory saved: 34mb


Normally most of us use WinZip as the default file compression tool but a quick alternative to WinZip is WinRAR. Both have similar functions but WinRAR is far lighter than WinZip.

Winzip: 20mb
WinRAR: 1.4mb
Memory saved: 18.6mb

Chat Messenger

Ever wonder how you can manage all your chat messaging software’s all in one. Yes now it’s possible. With Trillian messenger you can chat with your Yahoo, MSN, AIM and Google buddies in a single interface.

Trillian: 20mb
Yahoo + MSN + AIM: 18mb + 2mb + 8mb
Memory saved: 8mb


Still playing your DVD’s with Windows Media Player well here I want to suggest 2 alternatives for playing for audio and video files. Firstly you can use VLC Media Player which can play all the media files. VLC media player comes with built in plug-in for all media files so there is no frustration of finding plug in for every other extension.

Second player is GOM Media Player. As you can see it’s quite less in size and most amazing feature of GOM player is GOM player plays media file even if it’s broken. Like if you want to check quality of a movie, just download some part of the movie and GOM player will play the downloaded movie.

Windows Media Player: 24mb
VLC Player: 20mb
GOM Player: 7mb
Memory saved: 13mb

Photo Viewer

Most of us usually use Windows default photo viewer to see our photos but Fast Stone Image Viewer makes photo viewing an amazing.

What alternative software’s you use to make your PC run with a smooth flow. Do suggest in the comments.

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