What I learned from a cab (taxi) driver

09 Mar

People think most valuable lessons can only be learned by spending time with the CEO, Boss or a Politician but in reality common man like milkman, street sweeper or even a cab driver can teach volumes of wisdom.

Our CEO, Boss or any other highly reputed person may teach us how to earn money but common man teaches us how to earn a fortune. A common man talks with 10 times more people than any other man so he get more ideas in a day than all of us combined. Common man many not have financial resources to materialize those ideas but once in action they can give you fortune.

Taxi driver from Pakistan.... inspiring Pakistan

"You meet 100 people a month but I meet 100 people in a day"

I realized this recently when I was travelling in a cab with a highly inspirational driver. His name was Yousuf Rafiq which forced me to start conversation with him. We were connected instantly. Conversation started with name and ended with how to be successful in Life.

I have a BE degree in Computer Systems but at that particular moment I was feeling like a toddler. Everyone is unique and you can learn something from everyone. Here are the few lessons I have learned from my cab driver:

3 D’s of Time management

Time management is life management. Yousuf Rafiq introduced me to an effective time management secret. He said whenever I get a task I use the 3 D’s strategy and it works like magic. It goes like whenever I get a task I organize it in one of the following category and move on.

  1. Do it – Either I do it myself on time.
  2. Delegate it – If I can’t do it right now I add it to my schedule to do it later or delegate it to someone I know who can do it better.
  3. Delete it – Or delete it.

80/20 Rule

Although Steven Covey made his point clear in “7 Habits of Highly Effective people” but its worth repeating. Yousuf told me that 80% of his income comes from 20% of the passengers from particular area. So when I started focusing on that area my sales doubled.

You can use 80/20 rule in your life to make exponential changes in your life. Just note down the following variations in 80/20 rule

  • 80% of output is a result of 20% of the input
  • 80% of our sale is the result of 20% of our customers
  • 80% of joy and happiness in our life comes from 20% of our relatives

80/20 has so many variations. You can think of your own. How 80/20 rule will boost your productivity.

Find Good in everything

As we all know that in Pakistan we have heavy traffic on the streets and most of us including me get angry on people without any issue. But Yousuf Rafiq was different. We were waiting at the signal and Yousuf was singing songs. People started using abusive language but Yousuf responded everyone with glowing smile.

Profound point isn’t it!! We response instantly on events and most of the time it’s negative. But Yousuf made me think that Not everything is wrong in the world. There is something good in every situation and we will live more peacefully if we try to find good in every single event.

So want to be more productive and learn tons of wisdom. Just hop on a cab with a pen, notepad and an open mind. You will surely love the experience and do share it others. Best of luck!!! (:

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