Maxthon browser – fast, secure, free & lightweight

16 Jul

Maxthon Browser logoYes yes I know you might be asking why should we use another browser when we already are using the best browsers in the world. Answer is quite simple and that is there is nothing wrong in trying an alternative browser.

I myself prefer using Chrome and Mozilla but Maxthon comes with some built in features which led me to use it for a while. Try Maxthon if you like then great, if not then sanuuu kiii :p

Maxthon is designed for the whole web. World’s fastest & smartest android browser – fast, secure, free & lightweight. Fastest and smartest mobile web browser/internet browser It has dual display engines (powered by Trident and Webkit) and the web’s fastest Javascript engine (V8) make every website sing, fast.



  • Dual Display Engine – Tired of broken and slow web pages? Tired of “this site best viewed in IE?” Maxthon 3’s Dual Display Engines recognize and load older, non-standard pages faster than any other browser.
  • Quick Access – Speed dial your favorite sites with Quick Access. Drag and drop to customize on the fly.
  • Magic fill – Set and manage all of your website usernames and passwords on one screen, securely. Maxton 3 will enter them for you when you visit.
  • Ad Hunter – Maxthon 2’s Ad Hunter is enhanced in Maxthon 3. Much more powerful and efficient, Ad Hunter 3 efficiently stops Popup Windows and other Ad Content before you notice it.

Value added features in Maxthon

Download YouTube videos directly from web

People watch millions of videos on YouTube each day and thousands are downloaded via 3rd party softwares. One feature I loved in Maxthon browser is built in YouTube video download feature. Just hover over any video in YouTube and you will get a download button right at top right of every video

Skynote feature will surely make your day productive

Things to do list but problem with it is they are never completed!!!!! (; anyway Skynote feature will enable you to jot them some important things while browsing….. loved this feature!!!!

SkyNote feature

SkyNote feature

Take snapshots directly from the browser 

Long gone the days when you save an image and then crop it with Ms Paint or Adobe Photoshop. Maxthon browser provides you with an amazing Snapshot feature. It enables you to take screenshots of websites. Just click on the top right Camera button in your browser and start snapping.

Snap region will enable you to take snapshots from certain parts of your website while Snap whole will enable you take snaps of whole web page.

Best part of this feature is that you can edit, crop and then save images which means no other software required. Cool isn’t it!!!

Split screen option can help you compare different websites

Suppose your boss gives you an assignment to compare two sites and generate a report. Obviously if you use Chrome or Mozilla you need to open two sites in separate tabs and then start comparison. But here also Maxthon browser comes to the rescue.

Just click the top logo of Maxthon and goto Split Screen option (or simply press F10). This will enable you to view two websites in one window.

 Here is your split screen preview

Translate selected text/page

One more feature which I found handy is Translate text. You can translate any selected text from within the browser.

Just select your text and goto Translate option right next to Camera logo

RSS Feed reader at my fingertips

Previously it was difficult to read RSS feeds on Google. With Maxthon RSS Feed reader its handy to read your feeds with just a click.

I personally love using Chrome and Mozilla but sometimes change is what you want. Life is all about accepting the change and living with it. I am using Maxthon browser as an alternate browser and can only suggest you to use it if you like the value added features (which by the way I loved!!!). Happy browsing!!!! (:

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