Saving Future – Educate girls; Prosper Pakistan

07 Dec

Saving Future Girls School in Pakistan logoEducation is not freely available to every one – and in many parts of our country girls are the first one to be excluded from it. When it comes to gender equality in education, countries across the world are making significant advances. Girls are less likely to access schools especially in rural areas.

Education by far is the single most powerful way to lift people out of poverty. Basic education provides girls with an understanding of basic health, nutrition and family planning, giving them choices and the power to decide over their own lives and bodies.

It is said that be a candle if not the Sun. And that is exactly what Aliza Brohi founder of Saving Future did. Her dream started in a servant quarter by teaching 2 girls on her own. With not much of resources I took furniture from my living room and bought books for the girls myself. It was difficult in the start but my family supported me throughout which helped me to move on, Aliza quoted.

Despite of all the hurdles Aliza faced, she managed to influence more girls to attend school free of cost. Yes, I received threat calls from parents due to feudal system in the area but soon we ran out of space due to more girls who took interest in school. So we shifted our school to enroll more girls. With the help of our sponsors we have 100+ girls now receiving free education, Aliza mentioned in her facebook update.

Saving Future aims to educate deprived girls so they can be better sisters, mothers and above all better citizens. Saving Future seeks to create awareness about the importance of girl’s education and the issues surrounding their education in Pakistan.

Aliza herself is doing ACCA but hats off to this fearless girl for managing school / home / studies in such an exceptional manner. Even if you can’t sponsor a girl please take out some time to like her page on Facebook and support the noble cause.

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What Happens When you Educate a girl?

There are people who dream big then there are people who hold the courage to achieve those big dreams and Aliza Brohi is one of the such ladies who initiated her part for the betterment of Pakistan. Let us all take out some time to pray for her and shout out for her on Facebook and Twitter.

How To Help?

Sponsor a girl: Sponsoring a girl is as low as Rs 2,000 per child who will get uniform, books and stationary from school. (Makes me think that Rs 2,000 is the one time food we eat in a restaurant but how beneficial will it be if we sponsor a girl.)

Send a donation: Your generous contributions will go directly to overcome the needs of Saving Future Girls School.

Spread the word: Like Saving Future and share with your friends.

Saving Future Girls School from Saving Future on Vimeo.

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