No Emotions Attached

11 Apr

I was having a conversation with my colleague yesterday on SMS which ended up in an egoistic manner. The reason behind was eruption of emotions on an unnecessary manner. We, as humans by nature are full of emotions. We like to react on things rather than just respond. We like to assume things and add our own flavor to the conversation which turns out to be a disaster.

Emotions do play a vital role in our relationship building and this incident made me think, why don’t we control our emotions when we know that reacting instantly will harm us? It’s rightly said “Don’t make decision when you’re angry and don’t promise anything when you’re extremely happy.” Most of us let our emotions rule our life. Yes, it is good to follow emotions most of the time but in relationships if you really want to flourish your relationships it is advised that there should be no emotions attached. Now this doesn’t mean that you switch off all your emotions, what I mean to say is don’t go with angry emotions. Whenever you feel angry in your conversation try to relax and brush off that anger.

angryIt is so easy to go with the flow and be angry on things which you don’t agree but it takes guts to listen hard, without uttering a word when you feel like killing the other person. But trust me best is to suppress the rage. Take a deep breath and rather than reacting try to respond. It makes a huge difference when we stop reacting and start responding. When we take a second to allow us to be in the moment and respond then we turn the whole conversation upside down.

These type of conversations happen every single day and most of the time we respond to them emotionally but sometimes this cost us huge payoff. So my point is, from now onwards try to relax and respond, try to keep the conversation healthy, try to be polite, and try not to hurt other person but make sure you deliver your point in a friendly manner.

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Posted by on April 11, 2014 in Character Building


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