20 Ways to Positively Transform Your Life Through Repetition

05 Sep
20 Ways to Positively Transform Your Life Through Repetition


Add the following practices into your regular daily schedule for remarkable results!

1. While getting ready for work: Have something positive playing in the background. Pump yourself up by talking to yourself in ways that elevate your consciousness and set the tone for the day; “Today I have a great day. I am intelligent and wise in all that I do. I attract great opportunities for success and I am a blessing to others.”

2. Before you walk out the door, get in the habit of affirming, “Everywhere I go today I am surrounded by the blessings of Allah Subhan wa tala, protected and blessed. I attract great opportunities for success.”

3. Driving the kids to school: Take time to talk to them in positive ways, affirming the good for the day. Encourage them to choose to see the best. Look for beauty along the way. With small children in the car, play games looking for all the beautiful things they can see. (It elevates everyone!)

4. Driving home from work: Listen to positive, inspirational material, read books, etc. Affirm: “I ride with safety, this train is taking me to even greater success; everywhere I go something great is happening. Where ever I am, all is well.”

5. Stopping at stop signs or lights: Say to yourself, “I stop doing what no longer serves me.” With green lights say, “I move forward in life with success and joy.”


6. Phone rings: “Life calling with more great news.”

7. Picking up the mail: “More money and opportunities keep coming to me.”

8. Picking up the newspaper: “More good news. Every time I turn around I hear good news.”

9. Paying your bills: “I am so grateful to have money to pay these bills. Every time I pay out more money comes back to me. I am rich, thank you universe!”

10. With every donation, gift, or tip given: “Everything I give comes back to me multiplied 100 times!”

Every time you find money of any kind: “Thank you, my good just keeps coming in! I am a money magnet.”

12. With every bit of money or good that comes in your life, no matter how big or little: “I am a magnet for all kinds of good. It keeps finding me!”

13. Every time you see something you would like to have or see someone experiencing some good in their life: praise it and bless it. “That’s for me too!” Whatever you praise and bless is attracted to you!

14. When something good happens to you, be OVERLY grateful, praise it and affirm that is what you expect. “I expect the good to come to me! That’s for me!”

16. In the midst of a challenge or struggle, “This too will pass. I know that all the solutions I need are already at work.”

17. When you pay too much for something or lose something, rather than bemoaning it, say, “Alhumdulilaah I’m rich!”

18. When something unexpected changes: “With every closed door, another one opens.”

If you start to catch a cold: “I’m catching a healing. I release that which no longer serves me.”

20. When stuck in traffic jam: “Umm well you can read Things to do when stuck in CNG queue

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