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05 Sep

Call me at night and you might go to a voice mail. Call me in the early morning and you will again go to voice mail. Not because I am the president or rude but because I might be reading. Reading, yes the only thing that keeps me going, that drives my nerves. Reading is a habit which I inducted from my father. He used to bring books for me when I was a child. And now this habit transformed into an obsession. As Robin Sharma said “Cut down your expenses on clothes, cut them on your food but never cut down on your books.” I literally took this advice to the heart. Reading for me is an obsession. When I can afford I usually buy books from Liberty books but sometimes I buy second hand books too which are equally beneficial. Now this all was I came across Now the dynamics really changed. Started by Usman Siddiqui and Jawad Yousuf this website is like my dream come true.

books queueThis is the simplest online book rental service available in Pakistan. Just register yourself. Pick a rental plan, add books to your queue and wait for the magic to happen. Once done with the book you can return the book by clicking the return button right next to the book. More than 5000 books are available to choose from and best part is their delivery is super fast. In the age of technology with so many devices around, is a heaven for book lovers. No matter how many pdf you have or how many audio books you have listened, one thing you will agree with me is the beauty of physical book in our hand. And what more you can ask if you don’t need to worry about the space for the book in your home. I have around 2 shelves full of books and they are literally bouncing off all over my home. But as a reader you can understand my love for books. I can’t leave reading but one thing I can do is rent these books and take out whatever I need from them.

I would also like you revive the reading culture across Pakistan. Its hurts and it hurts real bad to see our youngsters undirected towards their life and career. Books on the other hand helps a lot to develop a open mindset in everything.  With books you can view the world from various lenses. From fiction you can learn what to do in different situations, from self help books you can learn to make your life better. And among all of this Readers Club is a great help.

If you hate reading you can start with bronze package which allows you to rent one book at a time. Rent one book, read it in two weeks or a month. Do this for 3 months in a row and trust me in no time you will be renting unlimited books for your pleasure. Try it out and you will fall in love with books for sure.


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