Salah – A way to connect with Allah

07 Sep

Image courtesy by: http://islamgreatreligion.files.wordpress.comIn every religion there is a spiritual way to connect with GOD. In Islam Muslims connect to Allah by Salah or Salat (an Arabic word which means prayer). As a Muslim alhumdulilaah I started Salah from the age of 12 (age in which it’s obligatory on every Muslim to offer Salah). In the beginning I just started it because my mother taught me to offer Salah or else Allah will drive me in hell. At that time I was a kid so I use to pray by fear not by heart. I also read the Holy Quran in which it’s mentioned that if you don’t pray you’ll be sent to hell to be burned in fire (fire which is stronger than fire here in the world).

Well a habit is a habit and 5 times Salah (it’s obligatory on every Muslim to offer Salah 5 times Salah a day) became part of my life from my childhood. I was just praying and praying without knowing the background of it. I heard from many scholars that Salah is a spiritual connection between you and Allah but I never experienced it till previous week. In previous week I heard @faisalqureshi talking about Salah. Well he is not a scholar or anything but his definition of Salah touched my heart seriously and changed my way of offering Salah. Faisal Qureshi said that “Salah is a spiritual bond between human and Allah. Offer a Salah alone, just close the door and concentrate truly on the wordings which you recite in Salah”. Simple isn’t it; we all (Muslims) know this but we seriously don’t offer Salah this way. After watching that program Bang-e-Dara I offered my first Salah in that way. I closed the door and offered Salah by this method. Trust me I felt so very relaxed, so very light after offering this Salah.

We Muslims are just offering Salah but the truth is we are missing the essence of Salah. Just try to offer your next Salah by the method given above and inshAllah you’ll see the difference. You’ll see the effects in your life right after you feel the essence of Salah. People often say “We will pray (offer Salah) when we get time” but my fellow brothers and sisters “Don’t give an excuse that I have work to do instead excuse your work and say it’s time for me to offer Salah”.

Benefits of Salah by Dr. Zakir Naik (source:

There are several medical benefits of Salat (Namaz):- of offering Salah and as every Muslim knows that the best part of Salah is the sujood, that is the prostration.

No wonder the Quran has mentioned the word sujood, prostration no less than 90 times in the glorious Quran. Where [do] you do sujood in the Salah? Normally when you [stand] erect, blood does flow into the brain but it is not sufficient for a healthy brain. During Salah when you [go into] sujood extra blood flows into the brain, which is very important for [a] healthy brain. When you do sujood, this extra blood supply to the skin on the face [helps] prevent diseases such as chilblain etc.

When you do sujood there is drainage of sinuses and there are fewer chances that a person will have sinusitis, that is inflammation of the sinus, this drainage of module sinus, of the frontal sinus, and a person has less chances of having inflammation of the sinus, that is sinusitis.

There are various benefits. [For example], when a person does sujood even the bronchitis’s, the secretion of the bronchitis, they get drained, there are less chances of having bronchitis.

When a person breathes normally only two thirds of the capacity of the lung is exhaled out, the remaining one third remain in the lung as a residual air, now when you do sujood the abdominal visra, they press against the diaphragm and the diaphragm presses against the lower part of the lungs, the lower lobes, and when you breath during sujood even this one third residual air is aired out and that’s very important for a healthy lung. There are less chances of having diseases of the lungs.

When you do sujood, there is increased venes return there is less chance of having hernia, etc. Due to posture in sujood there is less chances of having hemorrhoid, that is piles.

In a salah we stand up and we sit down, do qayam, rukuh, sujood and when we stand up from same position the weight is localized on the bottom of the feet and the calve muscle and the thigh muscle are activated and they increase the blood supply to the lower part of the body, which is very important. Further we do various postures like standing erect, bowing down, prostrating, the vertebra column takes various postures and there are less chances of having disease of the vertebrae, of the spine.

There are medical benefits [and] you can give a talk only on this topic. But we Muslims, we offer Salah to thank Allah (SWT), to praise Him. These are just side dishes. They are like dessert. You know it may attract a person who is a non-Muslim, towards Salah but our main meal, our main biryani, our main course is to thank Allah (SWT) and to obey the commandments of Allah and the Prophet. That is the reason we offer Salah.

Why 5 times daily salat:-

As I mentioned in the earlier episode that Salah is a sort of programming towards righteousness, that we are programmed towards righteousness. And the requirement [is] that it should be repeated [a] minimum [of] 5 times a day. For example for a very healthy body, a doctor will tell you, you require [a] minimum [of] 3 meals a day. Similarly for a spiritual soul, a person is required to offer Salah 5 times a day. And the requirement is, [that] there are chances that because of the evil in the society around us, we may get de-programmed. So if we are kept on being re-programmed, there are more chances that you will remain [steadfast on the] Sirat al mustaqeem, on the straight path. Therefore it is compulsory that every Muslim should offer Salah [a] minimum [of] 5 times a day.

Doesn’t Salat disturb my job productivity? If you know the rules of management, [you will know] that a person cannot work continuously for hours together. If a person comes to office at 9 o’clock in the morning and sits till 6 o’clock in the evening, continuously for 9 hours, in fact he will be less productive. That is the reason that there are some short breaks given in between. So a person can get re-created, you know we have recreation. Similarly Salah is a sort of recreation. It rejuvenates you. If someone tells me that I am losing time, I am less productive, because I waste 15 minutes having lunch break, I would say that he is not a logical person because only if he has meals regularly, can he do more work. Similarly if a person offers Salah at intervals, I do agree he may have to work for a few minutes but when he stops and he comes back to work he works with a much better frame of mind and productivity overall will be much better. So for a logical person and a modern person he has to agree that there should be breaks so that a person can get recreated and Salah is the best form of rejuvenating your mind.

Proper way to offer Sallah

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