3 Life Lessons From A Fruit Shop

09 Sep
3 Life Lessons From A Fruit Shop

Nature itself teaches us countless lessons on wisdom it’s just that we humans don’t take enough time to take in the wisdom offered by nature. Recently I visited fruit market and while observing fruits piled up there I came across few things which I would love to share.

Firstly check this picture out…


Just bunch of Apples right? But amazing thing despite they are from same farm, they when it comes to quality. Every single Apple has its own worth based on the suffering it faced.

Human beings are like Apples. Brothers grow in the same family, same surroundings, same culture but they make their own choices. Choices make people or break people.

In todays economy just like Apples people judge us by what we deliver. Our worth lies in actions we take and with those actions with what we become.

So if you want to make the best of your Life be passionate about your cause and work on it with heart.

Second I noticed that even though my mother hand picked the Apples but still when we came home she washed Apples with water. Point of wisdom here is no matter what your circumstances are you can change them changing your inner self. You can curse the darkness or lit a Candle. It’s upto us what we believe in and what we want out form our Life. Don’t let people tell you what you want in Life. Practice daily so you can add value to the world.

Third and the last thing I learned is that when we returned my mother gave me some money to buy Apples for our driver. It’s not that I am show off or something… this made me think that it’s not that hard to make everyday special for someone. Whether it’s giving your place in bus for someone, helping someone in need (not for any prize just for gratitude… sincere help), or giving a big SMILE to someone.

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