10 Ways To Start An Amazing Day

04 Oct
10 Ways To Start An Amazing Day

I still remember the time back in year 2014 when I used to wake up everyday and wander aimlessly what to do with my life. But then I learned few things which turned my mornings really great. Here I wan to share 10 Ways To Start An Amazing Day. Apply these in your life and get ready to fuel your morning with hope and liveliness.


1) Smile for no reason.

Take the fresh air and sun rays. Everyday is a gift. You waking up is a sign of hope. Smile for no reason and enjoy the beauty as if you are seeing everything for the first time.

2) Nurture your mind with positive seeds.

Start your day with some positive affirmations. Google some positive affirmations and stick them to your cupboard, wall or anything that you see fist when you wake up. Thank GOD for all his blessings upon you.

3) Know and go

Plan in advance. Plan small things that will save you big time. What will you eat, ready made food or outside food, what will you do in evening.  What things you want to take outside when you leave your house.

4) Design your day launcher checklist

Game plan for the day on index cards. Simplest way to save frustration and time declutter your life.

5) Go back to the future

Plan tomorrow, today! A short plan that will give you following benefits
a) You act with intention instead of impulse.
b) Getting off your mind.
c) Gives brain time to solve problem. Give brain problem and it will find solution for you.

6) Oil the rust

It is very essential to move your body once you wake up. This helps in keeping your blood floating and never letting your body get old. Walk, exercise or just sit ups.

7) Shower down some awesomeness

Practice personal development in the shower. Express goals. Things that are important to you. Express affirmations. Affirmations work best when you are relaxed and focused. And luckily in shower you have both.

8) Fire up your gratitude machine.

Instantly think of 5 Things I am grateful for today. Gratitude makes you appreciate life for whatever it is. And this helps in keeping a positive mindset for life.

9) Get your liquid fuel.

Not Coffee nor Tea drink 6-8 glasses of water first thing in the morning.

10) Start with a win.

In army they force you to start with a win by making your bed. You can do the same. Making your bed will help you to bring some happiness as if you have achieved one thing in the morning.


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