Things No one told me about being an Entrepreneur in Pakistan

05 Oct
Things No one told me about being an Entrepreneur in Pakistan

I was invited in for a panel discussion in which someone asked, how many hours do you work for your startup each day? I said 25 hours. He said how can it be. I was like because being an Entrepreneur is a full time job. This is one of myths no one told me about when I was starting early as an Entrepreneur. With 9-5 you work just for 12 hours but with Entrepreneurship you work just few hours. Which is insane concept. When you start as an Entrepreneur you start with a passion, you start with a dream; to serve, to make a difference, and to achieve peace in your life. In this blog I would like to list some of the things which I wished someone told me when I was starting out as an Entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship is never an overnight Success

You might have seen in newspapers that people emerging as an Entrepreneur and it feels like they just won a lottery. This thinking is insane. Every Entrepreneur started with a dream. And with this dream came thousands of failures. And after overcoming all those failures you saw that picture in the magazine. And in Pakistan its really difficult sometimes, to grow, because the nicest people here faced with most challenging situations.

Network is everything

You remember the saying. ‘If you want to find out about character of a person, look out for his five closet friends.’ Friends are basically mirror to our deeper self. Here I would like to mention that don’t consider doing business with a friend if he is a close one, unless you have everything in writing like what to do when we mess up. Coming back to the point of networking. In Pakistan just like any other country if you know someone and they know someone than they can help you enormously. Share your talent with the world and don’t ever hesitate to ask for help. Its never about asking helping, its about how you ask it. Before asking for help, do something for someone and then ask for help.

Money is not everything but it is something

Despite I believe that never ever start your venture on the bases of making money. Start with a dream, a vision, a passion to change lives of people. But in parallel to that never rely on single source of income. If you have a talent cash  with it. If you are a blogger, do paid blogs. If you are a photographer, do paid shoots. Whatever your hobby is, keep it in parallel with your venture. In this way you can brainstorm more ideas and save yourself from hitting the rock bottom.

Make Plan B for everything

No doubt Pakistan is a country with full of opportunities but still there are unseen hurdles when you are perusing your dream as an Entrepreneur. So right from the start, make a habit of an alternate plan for everything. This habit alone can save you tons of frustration. Do your best but prepare for the worst.

Write everything down

Usually we don’t write things down. But trust me writing things down can help you big time. Despite the fact that we have all things digital, writing on the other hand can help you clear your mind and stay focused. After every hour, try to write things down. Even if its just for few minutes. Write how you feel. Write what ideas you captured. Write the habits you want in your life. Whatever you write, just keep writing.

Balance between work and family

In Pakistan where joint family is a tradition and where you are considered an alien when you start as an Entrepreneur. It is your job to work this out. In the start for sure your family won’t understand what you are upto. But with patience and love, keeping them in the loop tell them about your success. Make them part of your dream. And spend quality time with them, even if its just few hours a day.

Ignore your relatives 

Seriously if you are from Pakistan you will understand what I am trying to say. No, I mean really! Enough of ‘what your relatives will think?’ You will hear this statement couple thousand times from your family. Well guess what, don’t waste your energy on this thought. Its your life, your rules, and your dream. No one else have the authority to dictate your future. Even if you fail, no need to give clarifications on your behalf. Just stay focused and stay dedicated to your dream.

Stay positive 

The last but most important advice I want to give is to stay positive at all times. Visualize your Success. Be your own motivation. Start your day with rituals. Read 10 Ways To Start An Amazing Day. Accidents will happen and people will leave you. You might even hit rock bottom couple of times but trust me keep your head up. Walk, if you can’t run. Crawl if you cant walk. But no matter what happens never allow others to take over your happiness. Start small and grow big. And you find yourself being on thee low end, just leave me a message on my page The Happiness Officer

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