Why fail more to be a better Entrepreneur?

07 Oct

You have a very impressive resume Mr Thomson but I didn’t see any failures in your resume and because of this we won’t be able to hire you at Google. Why is that? Because if you haven’t fail enough you are not worth hiring. An extract from the book The Google Guys. Its not me, its not your regular day to day HR manager, its Chief Operating Officer of a billion dollar company we are talking about. The people who ask me Why fail more to be a better Entrepreneur? Well this is my answer to them. When you start as an Entrepreneur. You start with audacious dreams and irresistible passion to achieve something, but sometimes in the middle of all that, you fail, and you fail hard. And at times it feels like quitting everything and  go for a job. But then if you are passionate enough about your dream, you read what others did when they were faced with failure. Guess what, they lean into it meaning they embraced failure no matter how bad it was. And after couple of dozen failures you see them in Times magazine or consider them an overnight success.

Elon Musk advice for Entrepreneurs

It is important to celebrate Success but it is more important to learn your lessons from failure. And you know what is best about nature. It keeps repeating itself until you learn the lesson from your failure. There are so many books on Success and overnight Success but there are only few books about failure or the people who talk about failure. One of my personal favorite is Gary Vaynerchuk. Try reading his book Crush it! This man is authentic. He talks about failure like no other person. I myself started with internet marketing few years back and it took me dozens of failed campaigns to learn how to do it right. Even now in my daily life I love to explore new perspectives to do things in a better way. As per Les Brown when a reporter asked him how you deal with bad days? He answered “Bad day? You mean a character building day.” My my look at the vocabulary of this man. Full of enthusiasm, full of passion. Check him on YouTube and you will see what failure really is.

As an Entrepreneur it is so important to learn from your failures. Never ever think of failure as end of the world (despite the fact that Entrepreneur feel like many times in his career) think of it an an opportunity to learn more, dream more and come back with a better plan. What if it doesn’t work? Not to worry try again. but what if you fail again. Well, fail again but better this time. The basic difference between local Entrepreneurs and those who feature in Times magazine is of dozen failures. Fail faster so you can Succeed sooner. If you are from Pakistan and willing to or starting as an Entrepreneur trust me it will be there will be things you need to know as an EntrepreneurBest thing you can do when you fail is to read. With reading you will be motivated to start again. Go read Rework by Jason Fried. Go watch Tim Gibson’s TED talk on Failure is knowledge, knowledge is Success. Talk to people who love failure and people who go extra mile to keep people Happy. Follow me on Twitter, inbox me on my page Chief Happiness Officer. What you do when you face failure? Share your feedback in the comment section.

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