5 Things Books Taught Me That High School Didn’t

01 Feb
5 Things Books Taught Me That High School Didn’t

They say school is place where you learn things. But no one tells you that school life is pretty much different than practical life. I was convinced that good schooling will equip me to deal with practical life but then the reality sat in. It was nothing like that until I started reading. And took reading to my heart

People still ask me what are books to me? I always have the same answer, “Books are those pearls which we find deep down in the sea. The more you dig the higher chance of success will be. For books its the more you read, the more beautiful your soul will be. But sometimes it takes time to understand certain books, and for them you need to re-read them again and again to grasp the hidden message in them.”
books and Coffee

But book reading also taught me life lessons which any school wasn’t able to teach me. Here are some of the lessons which I really want to share.

Imagination is more important than logic

Words of my teacher still echos in my ears when I start something new. “No No Yousuf, just follow the rules and you will be okay.” Following rules in school is okay but in real world Imagination is what wins the game. It’s not the one who follow the rules get to the top, its the one who step up for something new and keep doing it

Emotional Intelligence is far more important than I.Q

In school we are judged by the grades we take but Danial Goleman in his best selling book Emotional Intelligence taught us that emotions are more important for your business than any other thing. And we can see that in the current era people don’t buy products, they buy stories with which they can relate to.

Innovation is more important than Auto pilot

Thoughtout high school I have been stuffed with a concept that there are only 4 P’s of marketing but as I started reading books like Lovemarks by Kevin Roberts and Personality Not Included by Rohit Bhargava, it occurred to me that great companies not just connect with their customers in usual ways, they go one step further and make friends with them. Tony Hseih, founder of shared in an interview that we dont use scripted customer service calls. We let our representatives innovate by making friends with the customer. In this way we understand our customers in a better way.

What to do when you hit the rock bottom

In school they teach you to take part in race against time and win. But not everyone is the same, so sometimes kids fail, and schools don’t teach what to do than. For books we can learn from the failure of others and succeed. Whether be it Gary Yaynerchuk in Jab, Jab Jab right hook or Jim Collins Good to great followed by Great by Choice, they all teach us importance of failure. If you’re not failing immensely,  it means you’re not trying hard enough. Life is short, so its best to be good at something  And fastest way to be an expert is to start failing first.

Skip the time management and work on energy management

Gone were the times when you were cursed for being late in class. In life, the new currency is energy management. I have known people who were so punctual in school, and still work 19 hours a day but are seen complaining about time. Then there are people who work on their energy and manage everything. Jim Loehr’s Power of Full Engagement teaches us:

The most important organizational resource is energy.

Again and again Tim Ferriss in his wonderful book 4- Hour Workweek told us importance of 80/20 rule. How boredom leads to failure.

Remember—boredom is the enemy, not some abstract “failure.”

Best is to keep a journal and note down your peek hours. Do the most difficult work in those peak hours. As Robin Sharma states ‘Push the envelope’

On the concluding end going through high school is just part of the culture, but keeping yourself up in this competitive world is in our hands.

If you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor its your mistake. ~Bill Gates

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