This is why Law of attraction is not working out for you

27 May
This is why Law of attraction is not working out for you

It all began 8 years ago. When I was introduced to the law of attraction. Consider this a continuation of my previous post ‘How Law of attraction helped me?’ Since then I’ve received countless emails, messages, comments from people complaining about why the law of attraction is not working for them. Well, consider this the lucky day guys, because in this blog post I will share the secret behind why the law of attraction works for some people and don’t work for some.


The basic steps remain the same. If you want to achieve something you have to dream it. But, before you dream it, you need to write it down. Yes, most of the people consider writing your goals as a time-wasting activity. But, sorry to break your heart people. The discipline of writing something down is the first step towards making it happen.

Before you get discouraged, know that not everything will happen according to your plan. But, since there are multiple ways to reach a single destination, you can always rely on ALLAH/GOD/the higher power to take you towards your destination with a different route.

In the book How to Predict the Future by Creating It Yourself, Chad Chesmark in the chapter on public speaking, suggests us to visualize the things that can go wrong during the presentation. Not because, they will happen, but because when you have visualized it, you’ll be able to handle it in your mind. For instance, if the mic stops working or the light falls down, instead of losing confidence, consider confidently continuing your presentation.

Some genuine reasons why Law of attraction is not working for you

You’re not using all of your senses: Most of the people mistake visualizing as closing eyes and thinking of the outcome, without going deeper with their senses. The thing is, the more senses you put into your mental picture while visualizing your goal, the greater will be a change to achieve your goal.

You don’t have enough faith in the process: Most of the emails I’ve received complained that what if the visualization don’t work out? What if the outcome is not what you expect? Well, here is the thing. If you do anything with weak faith, you won’t get fruitful results. You might get a slight taste of what you want, but, if you want what you’ve envisioned, you need to have faith in the process.

You are not regular with your visualization: If there is anything that differentiates successful people from unsuccessful ones, there is lack of consistency. If you want to get something that bad, you’ve to take time out to visualize the end result every single day. You cannot visualize whenever you feel like and expect that things will magically happen by themselves. You have to be consistent with daily visualization. Minimum is two times a day. Once, first thing in the morning. Second, the last thing before you go to bed. This is just the minimum number of times that you need to visualize your goal. If you want actual results, visualize as much as you can.

Not using the affirmations: As mentioned in the introduction. You need to write your goal down and affirm it to yourself every day. The best approach is to use affirmations while you see yourself in the mirror every morning. This is the time of the day when most of us are in a relaxed estate. And being relaxed makes it easy for the mind to take-in auto suggestions and work on them.

Not using prayer to guide you: I don’t know about other religions, but in Islam, you can take guidance from ALLAH. What if the thing that you’re asking is not right for you? You can use prayer to re-check with your goal and re-consider if you’re not getting positive vibes from the prayer. Not everything is meant for you, and prayer can help you to figure out your destiny.

Not executing: This is the most important part. It is not just about daydreaming your goal. You have to work hard for it. If you’re a writer you need to write every day. You need to improve yourself in order to get where you want. You cannot afford the luxury to sit and wait for miracles you happen. You have to make them happen with your hard work, faith, and some creative visualization.

I am using the law of attraction for quite some time now, and by the grace of ALLAH, I’ve managed to get what is good for me. The only thing that you need to do, is to have faith in the process. Sure, you’ll get discouraged sometimes. It is all part of the process. But, you need to understand that good thing take time. And if you give time to your craft, and do one thing every day that brings you closer to your goal, there is no reason that you won’t achieve your goal.

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