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In Search of Happiness

In Search of Happiness

Some pursue happiness, others create it. Happiness itself is nothing unless we give it a meaning. Everyone is in search of Happiness but only few find it before they die. As the saying goes ‘When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.’ Happiness is perceived by everyone in their own way. Some find happiness in travelling, others find it in social work and some like me find it in reading books, tons of them.

John Lennon - Is Being Happy the Key to Life

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10 Things they should have taught me in high school

I used to think that high school education is enough to face most of the problems in Life but to be honest I was damn wrong. Life starts when we exit from high school and take a turn towards our dream. It is then we realize that school education is mostly a myth. What we learn in school is education but in Life what matters more is knowledge. Education is that Tomato is a fruit but knowledge is not putting it in fruit salad.

To be honest in school they teach you to read and write but they rarely teach you how to think, how to be more creative and how to treat people.

I am honored to share this with my readers. As Chris Guillebeau author of “The $100 Startup” says “Best service I can do is to share my message so people can learn and grow form it.”

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What is your Elevator Pitch?

Some people take thousands of dollars just to write your resume. When I found out, it really amazed me. As Seth Godin mentioned in The Linchpin ”Resume’s are really naive now.” People now days Google your name get whatever they want. But what will happen if you meet someone in an elevator. It’s not like buying a car that you have time to verify things before you purchase. Even buying it online would take more than the 15 seconds you got in the elevator to make an impact.

What is your Elevator Pitch

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3 Seconds That Will Guarantee Your Success

I was born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. At that time there was no kindergarden or nursery so my basic education was from my parents. Still remember my mother yelling at me to sit and study properly. I was the naughty one you know; kid that keeps on experimenting on new things and because of this I have experienced every slap from my mom 🙂 (which is also a blessing). Anyways alongwith many other sweet memories from the past this one particular line from my father served me my whole life.

He use to say “Son, if you start something well then it will automatically finish well.”

I use to complain to my father that I have tried my best on this thing but it didn’t work. No Son, you didn’t start your work with “Bismillah” I say ph yes I forgot it and this childhood habit made all the difference in my life. I’ve noticed that it takes 3 seconds to recite “Bismillah” but whenever I start something with “Bismillah” it works out really well.

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Why I remain Online 24/7?

You post too much, why are you online all the time, and why do you help people too much… these were some of the questions which were bombarded to me from past few days so I thought why not write a blog on it. Here goes the reasons why I remain online 24/7:

To Help Others

Some work for money, some work for fame but some really work to make this world a better place. Money and fame never ever fascinated me but yes what makes me feel alive is helping people. Every time I am offline I miss a chance to help someone which makes me uncomfortable. Helping others with their professional and personal issues gives me so much satisfaction that is why I remain online 24/7 so people can ask for help and I can offer them help then and there.
To Guide Others

Easiest way to walk a path is to ask someone for directions who have been there. My previous job taught me various things through which I can guide my friends in any of the below mentioned field:

  • Logo / website designing
  • Facebook page management.
  • How to use Google Analytics to target your customers?
  • How to reach your audience using Google Adwords?
  • Increase your ranking in Google search engine result pages (also known as SERP’s)
  • How to boost sales by using social media?

Alhumdulilaah now I can fully guide my friends by staying online 24/7.

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10 tips for CV writing that will get you Hired


Write clear and short objective. Don’t write an encyclopedia of your achievements. Just give 2-3 lines on how you are planning to add value to the company or how excited you are to grow with the company.

2) Be relevant

If you are applying for marketing job for GOD sake don’t list 3 pages of your designing experience and then half a page of your marketing expertise. Time is money and in business if you are not relevant you will be kicked out right from the door.

3) Double check your spellings

First impression is the last impression. In school they deduct your marks if your spelling is wrong but in business they drop your CV. Make sure spelling feature is enabled in your Word pressing program.

4) Keep it short

Don’t overdo your CV. Keep it short. No need to write paragraphs of your expertise just lists it down in bullet points. That will be enough.

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It’s not my Job

Going extra mileI was about to enter my office when I saw a street light switched on. I approached the guard who was sitting right next to the pole and asked “Isn’t that light supposed to be turned off. It’s 8am in the morning.” I got the classic reply “It’s not my job!!!” Wooohhh really are you kidding me. We are too busy to save some electricity, too busy to add some value and too busy to play your part for this beautiful world.

This incident happened last week and from that day onwards I made a routine to switch off light before entering office. But I am glad that since last 2 days street lights are now off before I arrive at my office. I suppose that statement really hit hard on that guard. Poor him (:

I believe that in personal and in professional Life going an extra mile is always a plus point. It’s not about “It’s not my job” it’s about will it benefit my company, society or people around me. There are certain things that I do which are beyond my job scope but I do them because I know my company will benefit from it. For example if it’s raining in Karachi I dive into my pc to run a scroll on our website that deliveries might be affected. Not because it’s my job just to provide ease to our customers.

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