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The Readers Club | Pakistan’s first Online Book Rental Service

Call me at night and you might go to a voice mail. Call me in the early morning and you will again go to voice mail. Not because I am the president or rude but because I might be reading. Reading, yes the only thing that keeps me going, that drives my nerves. Reading is a habit which I inducted from my father. He used to bring books for me when I was a child. And now this habit transformed into an obsession. As Robin Sharma said “Cut down your expenses on clothes, cut them on your food but never cut down on your books.” I literally took this advice to the heart. Reading for me is an obsession. When I can afford I usually buy books from Liberty books but sometimes I buy second hand books too which are equally beneficial. Now this all was I came across Now the dynamics really changed. Started by Usman Siddiqui and Jawad Yousuf this website is like my dream come true.

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Super Fast Customer Service by Telenor Pakistan

I was trying to send a very important message to my colleague but was unable to do so because of some technical issue which Telenor Pakistan was facing at that time. Out of frustration I tweeted it to find if anyone else is having the same issue. One of my followers suggested tweeting directly to @telenorpakistan and they might follow up. So I tweeted, out of the blue I got a reply from @telenorpakistan that kindly provide us your info so we can update you further regarding your issue. I emailed my info and surely after a minute my service was back on.

Lastly I checked I received the same customer service from Google when I faced a problem with one of my campaigns in Adwords account. I contacted them via live chat and the person glued with me for an hour until problem was resolved. I wished that co-operations in Pakistan harness the power of social media to get in touch with their customers and I am proud to see that Telenor Pakistan is successfully doing it.

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Start a YouTube video at a certain timestamp

Now days its considered time wasting to watch whole videos when you have only 10-15mins of spare time. Here a thing which Faisal Qureshi shared with me. Its called “Timestamp sharing”. You share YouTube video with a particular timestamp and user will only view that part of the video.

YouTube video starting from certain timestamp

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How to send large Photos over the Internet

It was a normal Monday and I started downloading emails in my Outlook inbox. I went to have a Coffee with my friend which took around 15 minutes. When I was back I was surprised to see emails still downloading. Noticed that one of our vendors sent images of around 56mb; gosh this led me to share with my friends on how to send large images online. Everyday you share photos over the internet. But best approach is to Optimize a photo for speedy download. Here is a free online tool for optimizing photo.

Will be using this exotic image as an example.

Original picture is around 1.45mb

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Maxthon browser – fast, secure, free & lightweight

Maxthon Browser logoYes yes I know you might be asking why should we use another browser when we already are using the best browsers in the world. Answer is quite simple and that is there is nothing wrong in trying an alternative browser.

I myself prefer using Chrome and Mozilla but Maxthon comes with some built in features which led me to use it for a while. Try Maxthon if you like then great, if not then sanuuu kiii :p

Maxthon is designed for the whole web. World’s fastest & smartest android browser – fast, secure, free & lightweight. Fastest and smartest mobile web browser/internet browser It has dual display engines (powered by Trident and Webkit) and the web’s fastest Javascript engine (V8) make every website sing, fast.

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How to Send Sensitive Information to Someone via Email

Have you ever sent private information to someone, maybe a family member needed your credit card number, and then regretted that you had ever done it. This can all be solved with a self-destructing link. To start off visit website here and click on Create One Now button

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5 Alternative Softwares to make your PC super fast

Maintaining a PC to run at its best is really a tedious job. But the good news is with the replacement of some common software’s you can boost your PC’s performance.

PDF Reader

Despite of large size and heavy memory usage Adobe Acrobat is considered to be one of the most popular PDF readers. But it’s not necessary that what’s popular is the best available. Wan to suggest an alternative Foxit Reader which is half the size of Acrobat reader and serves its purpose well.

Acrobat reader: 51mb
Foxit: 17mb
Memory saved: 34mb

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