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Welcome Home Pakistan Special Olympics Team

It is often said that your talent is gift from GOD and what you do with your talent is your gift to GOD. That is exactly what Special Olympics team Pakistan did when they won 51 medals in Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games held in Australia.

Pakistan team’s coach, Ishrat Zehra, came out in the open to talk about the event and how the hard work has paid off. She said,

“The children were awarded for their hard work and now it is the responsibility of the government to support them.”


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Saving Future – Educate girls; Prosper Pakistan

Saving Future Girls School in Pakistan logoEducation is not freely available to every one – and in many parts of our country girls are the first one to be excluded from it. When it comes to gender equality in education, countries across the world are making significant advances. Girls are less likely to access schools especially in rural areas.

Education by far is the single most powerful way to lift people out of poverty. Basic education provides girls with an understanding of basic health, nutrition and family planning, giving them choices and the power to decide over their own lives and bodies.

It is said that be a candle if not the Sun. And that is exactly what Aliza Brohi founder of Saving Future did. Her dream started in a servant quarter by teaching 2 girls on her own. With not much of resources I took furniture from my living room and bought books for the girls myself. It was difficult in the start but my family supported me throughout which helped me to move on, Aliza quoted.

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7 Things to do when stuck in the CNG Queue

Are you from Pakistan? If yes, then this blog is for you. One day consists of 24 hours, 24 hours consists of 60 minutes and if you are from Pakistan you have the honor to spend 1 hour daily at a CNG. They say time is money so why not utilize this time and use it well. I wrote this blog while I was waiting in a CNG queue. It’s a small list of things which I think we all can do easily while waiting in a CNG queue:


1) Count your blessings: We spend do much of our time in complaining on all the things that are not right in our lives but we rarely take out some time to appreciate the beauty around us. Just written a list few days back Count your blessings not worries.

2) Read / Listen a book: Reading is growing… If you are not reading you are not growing. Keep a book with you all the time and do read it when you get some extra time. Audio books are easily available in mp3 format. Download your favorite books and listen when stuck in a CNG queue.

3) Eat something: Buy something you love and enjoy it bite by bite. This will surely uplift your mood. Try it, it works all the time.

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Top 10 reasons why I want to stay in Pakistan

I like flowers. I try to smell every flower along with way from home to office. I planted one flower in my home around 2 years back and now its kind of a giant tree. I still love it, take care of it because I own this flower.

Now you might be asking what all this has to do with Pakistan. So there goes when you own something you give your heart out for it. You take care of it and love it like your own child. Then there is no asking why or what where you just do it because you know you are doing right.

People are asking me to leave Pakistan because you might have great opportunity in USA, UK or Canada (by the way more than half of my family is well settled in foreign). But here are 10 reasons why I want to stay in Pakistan:

Sindhi Biryani

10) Pakistan is a blessing from ALLAH Subhan o Tala. Pakistan is blessed with moderate climatic conditions which makes it Life easy (my bother will be a good example for it because he is literary freezing back in South Africa).

9) Pakistan is an independent country matter what others say I still can breathe the fresh air of my Pak watan ( traffic pollution is a bonus to that :p). I can walk freely without any fear if I believe that ALLAH Subhan o Tala is with me everywhere I go. I can eat all the desi foods.

8) Aaaaah eating make me think my mother is a brilliant cook and when she cooks you can smell it from a mile. Loves whatever she cooks. Also with the openings of various food channels now you can see restaurants opening in every corner of your home so you can enjoy desi food outside anywhere, anytime.


7) This happens only in Pakistan. One family lives in a home. Now brothers and sisters of parents usually live nearby or sometimes in the same house. I myself live in a joint family system.

We enjoy together, we laugh together, we cry together and most of all we love each other.

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Will 9-5 be enough?

I hit the snooze button for the 5th time but I was still felling exhausted. As I was getting ready for work, my attention was diverted towards the 9 o clock news. “Last night this many people died; petrol prices rising once again; men shot his wife dead. Made me think!! I wake up every day, go to work come home and sleep without giving a thought on what’s happening in the world.

People in Pakistan always complain that things are not right in Pakistan but the question we should be asking ourselves daily is what value we are adding to make a difference in the world. Will 9-5 job be enough to make Pakistan a better place? Yes job is an essential part of life but along with our jobs there are certain things which reflect image of Pakistan to the world.
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Pakistan ‘s 1st Film Director Sharmeen Earns Oscar Nomination

Some people make things happen, some watch while things happen, and some wonder “what happened? Film-maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has become the first Pakistani to win an Oscar nomination for the best documentary in the short subject category. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s documentary Saving Face is about the problem of acid attacks on women in Pakistan.

‘Saving Face’ revolves around the life of a British-Pakistani plastic surgeon who donates time to heal acid victims in Pakistan. It also documents the journey of these women as they come to terms with the violence in their lives and how they fight against all odds to learn to live again, said a statement on Chinoy’s website.

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MamooinPakistan wins in Pakistan’s IT Oscar Night

Pasha Awards 2010The P@SHA ICT Awards, which are now in their 7th year, aim to provide recognition to software and service applications that have been developed in Pakistan, by providing companies an opportunity to gain local, regional and international exposure through on-going promotional activities.

Hence, it is meant to acknowledge creativity, innovation and excellence in the Pakistan Information and Communication Technologies sector.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”  ~Steve Jobs

MamooInPakistanMamooInPakistan was awarded Best in Service Innovation using IT award. So what exactly MamooInPakistan innovating? Living abroad? There are many times when you need to get some work done back in Pakistan. However, you usually have to ask for favors from friends or relatives and usually these are huge favors as they often take a lot of time. Plus, it’s often difficult for your family when it comes to health and hospitals. There, this website can come to rescue. Don’t go by its name, I think it came from the fact that usually your “mamoos” or “chachus” get that kind of work done for you when you’re outside the country.

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