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11 Characteristics of Highly Influential Blogs

Bloggers are the most loved and the most hated group on social media. People love them for their valuable information, while companies (some uncool one’s obviously!) look at them with raised eye brows. However, bloggers are the most powerful community out there that can make or break a product.

Techipedia just came up with 11 characteristics of all highly influential blogs that will build your blog and its followers if you adopt them.

1. Consistency: As Aaron Pogue in its article Be Consistent to Write Better says that “Consistency in your blog appeals to readers, and it can be an extraordinarily effective tool in your writing, too.” Be consistent with your style and with your content.

2. Eloquence: If you want to influence more people, learn from influential people and use it in your blog. Gradual improvement on daily bases will get you on top.

3. Uniqueness: You are born unique so don’t write as a copy. Show the world what you want to say. Express your thoughts rather than following others.
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