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How to send large Photos over the Internet

It was a normal Monday and I started downloading emails in my Outlook inbox. I went to have a Coffee with my friend which took around 15 minutes. When I was back I was surprised to see emails still downloading. Noticed that one of our vendors sent images of around 56mb; gosh this led me to share with my friends on how to send large images online. Everyday you share photos over the internet. But best approach is to Optimize a photo for speedy download. Here is a free online tool for optimizing photo.

Will be using this exotic image as an example.

Original picture is around 1.45mb

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Blessings of Ramadan With Olpers

Ramadan is a month of countless blessings and virtues. The word Ramadan is derived from “ramdh” which means “burning of the feet from heat” This is because of the fast, which burns the sins of a Muslim into ashes. This month is so precious that one should fast, recite Qur’aan and keep himself engaged in worship (Ibaadat) day night.

Last night as I was switching channels I came across the campaign launched by Olpers for creating awareness in this holy month of Ramadan and I must say that Olpers deserve round of a plause for this beautiful campaign. A simple message yet conveyed very beautifully and I am sure this will create a positive impact on the whole nation as it is the voice of every Pakistani.

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