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How to send large Photos over the Internet

It was a normal Monday and I started downloading emails in my Outlook inbox. I went to have a Coffee with my friend which took around 15 minutes. When I was back I was surprised to see emails still downloading. Noticed that one of our vendors sent images of around 56mb; gosh this led me to share with my friends on how to send large images online. Everyday you share photos over the internet. But best approach is to Optimize a photo for speedy download. Here is a free online tool for optimizing photo.

Will be using this exotic image as an example.

Original picture is around 1.45mb

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Power of 5 seconds

I was about to send an important email to our client but just before hitting the send button I saw a spelling mistake in name of our client. Hats off to Gmail’s undo button that saved the day. Gmail added a feature in which after sending an email we can undo it and guess what Gmail provides us 5 seconds to do this.

After this incident I started considering importance of 5 seconds in every aspect of my Life. And because I am having some profound results so really want to share Power of 5 seconds with my beloved readers.

Pause & Reflect... Power of 5 seconds

Power of 5 seconds

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Help keep your account safe with the Gmail security checklist

October is National Cyber Security Awareness month and a good time for a reminder about why hijackers do what they do and how you can protect your account. Check out the Online Security blog to learn about common hijacking techniques and security practices that will help you stay one step ahead of the bad guys. To help ensure your Gmail account is safe, take a minute to visit the Gmail help center and complete our new security checklist.

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