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Is GOD Happy With Me

As a human being one thing that distinguishes us from animals is the power given by GOD to choose from right or wrong. Every deed brings us closer to or away from GOD but how do we know that we are getting close to GOD. Is it that GOD blesses those more that are close and bless less to those who are away? In this blog I will try to convey a message based upon my understandings.

Problem with human beings is that they try to find logic in everything and based upon those logic conclude results. In order to analyze yourself there are certain signs which can help us to know that “Is GOD happy with me.”
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In the name of Allah

In every religion it’s considered a good sign to start anything with the name of GOD. This is my first post and I am starting it with Bismillah (In the Name of Allah); a blessed phrase is a mark of Islam, one constantly recited by all creatures through their tongues of disposition. May Allah guide us all to the right path (Ameen).

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