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Life is Beyond Degree

Life is Beyond Degree

Our parents set limited goals for us. This is the mind set, My kid will complete his education, get a degree, go for a job and finally get married. This is the overall goal set by our parents for us. But Life is Beyond Degree. Life is more than just getting a good grade or simply getting a degree for the sake of society. Degree is just a piece of paper that helps you to show off to your relatives. But other than that life is beyond degree.

Degree will help you to face problems in your life; degree will open the first door in your practical life. Your talent will open the second but it’s your attitude that will open rest of the doors. Now there is a difference between talent and attitude. Talent is your inborn ability while attitude is what you do with your talent. Let me elaborate with an example. Saeed Anwar (famous Pakistani cricketer) was born talented but as “Practice makes man perfect”. He practiced hard. 55 days of consistent practice. He practice for 2 hours, play a game, practice for 2 hours then play a game. Now this is consistency towards your goal. If you have a goal in life you have to make gradual increments on daily basics to achieve your goal.


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