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It’s not my Job

Going extra mileI was about to enter my office when I saw a street light switched on. I approached the guard who was sitting right next to the pole and asked “Isn’t that light supposed to be turned off. It’s 8am in the morning.” I got the classic reply “It’s not my job!!!” Wooohhh really are you kidding me. We are too busy to save some electricity, too busy to add some value and too busy to play your part for this beautiful world.

This incident happened last week and from that day onwards I made a routine to switch off light before entering office. But I am glad that since last 2 days street lights are now off before I arrive at my office. I suppose that statement really hit hard on that guard. Poor him (:

I believe that in personal and in professional Life going an extra mile is always a plus point. It’s not about “It’s not my job” it’s about will it benefit my company, society or people around me. There are certain things that I do which are beyond my job scope but I do them because I know my company will benefit from it. For example if it’s raining in Karachi I dive into my pc to run a scroll on our website that deliveries might be affected. Not because it’s my job just to provide ease to our customers.

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Restaurant review: Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House

Eating out is one my most favorite things to do. Either it is with family or with friends I love to try out new restaurants every time we go out. Recently heard about this new restaurant in Karachi Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House (in Tariq Road near Naheed Super Market ) and went there for a change. Well it was Sunday; public was there so we waited for around 20 minutes or so. They had all the basics like sekh kabab, malai boti, reshimi kabab, chicken tikka….menu list was on going. We ordered Chicken tikka, Malai Boti and Reshmi Kabab and started waiting for our order.
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Sending Gifts was not that easy before!

GIFTS01Time to time in our lives we have reasons or occasions when we want to congratulate someone. Congratulating by sending gifts to Pakistan is the best way to appreciate or thank a person on his act or success which brings happiness to all the others around him. There are many reasons and events like Eid day, Mothers day, Fathers day, Valentine day, Birthday, Marriage anniversary, a new home, Graduation and Engagement etc when you are away from your loved ones and you want to congratulate them. Never miss any chance to send gifts in Pakistan for these occasions; your little time can make them feel that you are close to them.
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