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5 Things Books Taught Me That High School Didn’t

5 Things Books Taught Me That High School Didn’t

They say school is place where you learn things. But no one tells you that school life is pretty much different than practical life. I was convinced that good schooling will equip me to deal with practical life but then the reality sat in. It was nothing like that until I started reading. And took reading to my heart

People still ask me what are books to me? I always have the same answer, “Books are those pearls which we find deep down in the sea. The more you dig the higher chance of success will be. For books its the more you read, the more beautiful your soul will be. But sometimes it takes time to understand certain books, and for them you need to re-read them again and again to grasp the hidden message in them.”
books and Coffee

But book reading also taught me life lessons which any school wasn’t able to teach me. Here are some of the lessons which I really want to share.

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