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Top 10 reasons why I want to stay in Pakistan

I like flowers. I try to smell every flower along with way from home to office. I planted one flower in my home around 2 years back and now its kind of a giant tree. I still love it, take care of it because I own this flower.

Now you might be asking what all this has to do with Pakistan. So there goes when you own something you give your heart out for it. You take care of it and love it like your own child. Then there is no asking why or what where you just do it because you know you are doing right.

People are asking me to leave Pakistan because you might have great opportunity in USA, UK or Canada (by the way more than half of my family is well settled in foreign). But here are 10 reasons why I want to stay in Pakistan:

Sindhi Biryani

10) Pakistan is a blessing from ALLAH Subhan o Tala. Pakistan is blessed with moderate climatic conditions which makes it Life easy (my bother will be a good example for it because he is literary freezing back in South Africa).

9) Pakistan is an independent country matter what others say I still can breathe the fresh air of my Pak watan ( traffic pollution is a bonus to that :p). I can walk freely without any fear if I believe that ALLAH Subhan o Tala is with me everywhere I go. I can eat all the desi foods.

8) Aaaaah eating make me think my mother is a brilliant cook and when she cooks you can smell it from a mile. Loves whatever she cooks. Also with the openings of various food channels now you can see restaurants opening in every corner of your home so you can enjoy desi food outside anywhere, anytime.


7) This happens only in Pakistan. One family lives in a home. Now brothers and sisters of parents usually live nearby or sometimes in the same house. I myself live in a joint family system.

We enjoy together, we laugh together, we cry together and most of all we love each other.

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