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Super Fast Customer Service by Telenor Pakistan

I was trying to send a very important message to my colleague but was unable to do so because of some technical issue which Telenor Pakistan was facing at that time. Out of frustration I tweeted it to find if anyone else is having the same issue. One of my followers suggested tweeting directly to @telenorpakistan and they might follow up. So I tweeted, out of the blue I got a reply from @telenorpakistan that kindly provide us your info so we can update you further regarding your issue. I emailed my info and surely after a minute my service was back on.

Lastly I checked I received the same customer service from Google when I faced a problem with one of my campaigns in Adwords account. I contacted them via live chat and the person glued with me for an hour until problem was resolved. I wished that co-operations in Pakistan harness the power of social media to get in touch with their customers and I am proud to see that Telenor Pakistan is successfully doing it.

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My Twitter journey

Our life comprises of people who are always there to guide us. When we are born our parents teach us how to walk when we fall they are there to give us support.  Just like when I started using Twitter I was pretty much confused how to use this social media tool. I mean how we can express ourselves in just 140chrs. But there I followed few people who are still with me and they guided me on every step.
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