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I Will be Happy When……

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I will be happy if I drive a luxurious car for the rest of my Life.  I will be happy if everyone starts loving me. I will be happy if I can get whatever I dreamed of. Do these questions ponder you to think what’s your measure of happiness is.  Is it a luxurious car, an expensive home or something else?

Every day we dream of many things which can make us happy. But does happiness really depend on material wealth or is it just a state on mind. Yes state of mind is what happiness is all about. A research at University of Stanford clearly explains happiness in terms of state of mind. Two groups were formed. First group consists of people who just won a million dollar lottery while the second group comprised of people who were handicapped in an accident.
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The Encounter – Movie Review.. A must watch!!!

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I like to watch tons of movies on weekend and for this I pick movies the whole week. But first I read reviews from IMDB, Yahoo Movies and also recommendation from close friends. While searching around I came across “The Encounter” (2010). Read reviews and purchased the movie.

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Music, Food for Soul or else….

Human beings are born with a quality that separates them from all other creatures. This quality is ability to learn things and see the world from our own perspective. Following this common sentiment I was raised by my parents with the usual assumptions of the world. But the best part is I adopted a quality from my parents which changed my life. My mother provided me with the basic knowledge of religion and now by the grace of ALLAH Subhan o Tala I am trying to apply the teachings of Quran in my daily life. My father on the other hand addicted me with the hobby of book reading.

Book reading allowed me to clear the concepts which I was lacking but still there was a concept which wasn’t clear since the time of my birth. As a Muslim alhumdulilaah I keep reading the Holy Quran and try to implement things in my daily life. But when I came across the misconception that Music is Food for Soul. I tried to relate it to the Holy Quran but I found this verse…. (Surah Luqman Verse number 6)

(31:6) And there is among the men such a one also who buys alluring tales *6 so that he may lead the people astray from Allah’s Way, without any knowledge, *7 and make a mockery of the invitation to it. For such people there is a disgraceful torment.

For more understanding you can read tafseer (brief explanation) of this verse.

Hmmm confusing I guess; if Music is Food for Soul than why is Quran against the fact. In order to understand more deeply I conducted this simple exercise and was astonished with the results. I listened to different songs for three consecutive days, same place and same time in the morning. At the end of each day I sat down alone and jot down the results. Here what I came across. I was listening to songs and in my whole day I was attracted to more sins like a magnet. Yes you heard me right I was attracted to sins like a magnet. I know this will seem to you as an anomaly but try and you’ll find out yourself.

There are certain sins that give you instant impact but the most dangerous ones are the one that affects you slowly. Music is also one of them. When the germs of Music affect our soul then we don’t even consider small sins a big deal. But it’s not how big the sin is, what matters more is how big ALLAH is whom you are challenging (nauzubillah).

As Muslims we need to understand the teachings of Holy Quran which is the guide book for mankind. Music is the most common sin which we listen daily without knowing and caring about the aftereffects of it. It’s just my view and suggestion to all Muslim bother and sisters that please stop this sin for your own good.

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