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Count Your Blessings Not Worries

Quran says: “If you give thanks, I will give you more, but if you are thankless, verily! My Punishment is indeed severe.” [Surah Ibrahim 14:7]

Have you ever thought that despite of billion other people why you are born? It’s because you can do something that billion others can’t.

When feeling down, start counting your blessings. Here is a list I made this morning; check and write your own:

1) I am alive – I woke up this morning and place my hand on my heart? Felt something? That’s called Purpose. You are alive for a reason. Don’t ever give up.

2) I am healthy – Can move all the body parts which mean I am blessed with full health alhumdulilaah for one more day.

3) Family – These are people who care for me unconditionally. They are with me, totally a blessing alhumdulilaah.

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When Passion dies – What next?

In Life you will be given opportunity to work on your carrier, to work for a company or to work towards your calling. Some are born genius; some explore their genius while rest die with their song buried in their hearts.

Simon Sinek worked his heart out in a 9-5 job. But then one day he was working late. No one was at office. Light went out so he got some time to think. He looked around and saw no one. He was working like hell with his sweat and blood. He realized the fact those long hours he was investing was helping his company but he was not growing anymore.

Simon in his TED talk explained that there are two ways in which you can do things – First we do things in which you are good at and second we do things which we really Love to do. They come straight from our heart.

But sometimes in Life you realize that you are doing something which you loved to do but now your Passion died. You no longer feel the way you used to. You are doing things because you are asked to do or you are paid to do. Now what??

Follow your Heart

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How to achieve your goals

Now days when I ask people how are you doing? I often get the same reply with a dull tone “Yes, we are good”. But deep down inside I can really feel that they are not living their lives fully. They are struggling for their goals without loving what they do. They have goals but fail to achieve them. On your deathbed you won’t regret the things you did; you will only regret the chances you missed.

One thing I learned from Life is we won’t get what we dream for rather what we deserve for. The thing about Life is it gives you what you ask for. Do dream wisely and Visualize your goals daily.

Protect your Dreams

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