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Welcome Home Pakistan Special Olympics Team

It is often said that your talent is gift from GOD and what you do with your talent is your gift to GOD. That is exactly what Special Olympics team Pakistan did when they won 51 medals in Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games held in Australia.

Pakistan team’s coach, Ishrat Zehra, came out in the open to talk about the event and how the hard work has paid off. She said,

“The children were awarded for their hard work and now it is the responsibility of the government to support them.”


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Super Fast Customer Service by Telenor Pakistan

I was trying to send a very important message to my colleague but was unable to do so because of some technical issue which Telenor Pakistan was facing at that time. Out of frustration I tweeted it to find if anyone else is having the same issue. One of my followers suggested tweeting directly to @telenorpakistan and they might follow up. So I tweeted, out of the blue I got a reply from @telenorpakistan that kindly provide us your info so we can update you further regarding your issue. I emailed my info and surely after a minute my service was back on.

Lastly I checked I received the same customer service from Google when I faced a problem with one of my campaigns in Adwords account. I contacted them via live chat and the person glued with me for an hour until problem was resolved. I wished that co-operations in Pakistan harness the power of social media to get in touch with their customers and I am proud to see that Telenor Pakistan is successfully doing it.

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How Law of Attraction helped me

It dates back to year 2009. I was in my last year of engineering from Usman Institute of Technology but as a hobby I did a course from APTECH in graphic designing. I was really excited at that time and dropped my CV to many job seeking websites. I literary dreamed of doing some freelance work like designing a logo or something.

Nature/GOD/Higher self usually aligns your stars as per our requirement. I got an email in which required a logo for their website. I made 10 logos and sent an email. Next day I was in office with my logo on their desk. loved it… coincidence may be!!!

I joined full time in as a graphic designer and made few banners for hmmm somewhere down the lane I realized that I am not loving it. Then my friend told a thing called SEO (a technique used to upgrade your ranking on I loved the concept and dreamed, visualized myself as an SEO expert.

Some days later my boss told me to do SEO for…. wow coincidence maybe!!

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What I learned from a cab (taxi) driver

People think most valuable lessons can only be learned by spending time with the CEO, Boss or a Politician but in reality common man like milkman, street sweeper or even a cab driver can teach volumes of wisdom.

Our CEO, Boss or any other highly reputed person may teach us how to earn money but common man teaches us how to earn a fortune. A common man talks with 10 times more people than any other man so he get more ideas in a day than all of us combined. Common man many not have financial resources to materialize those ideas but once in action they can give you fortune.

Taxi driver from Pakistan.... inspiring Pakistan

"You meet 100 people a month but I meet 100 people in a day"

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Will 9-5 be enough?

I hit the snooze button for the 5th time but I was still felling exhausted. As I was getting ready for work, my attention was diverted towards the 9 o clock news. “Last night this many people died; petrol prices rising once again; men shot his wife dead. Made me think!! I wake up every day, go to work come home and sleep without giving a thought on what’s happening in the world.

People in Pakistan always complain that things are not right in Pakistan but the question we should be asking ourselves daily is what value we are adding to make a difference in the world. Will 9-5 job be enough to make Pakistan a better place? Yes job is an essential part of life but along with our jobs there are certain things which reflect image of Pakistan to the world.
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Pakistan ‘s 1st Film Director Sharmeen Earns Oscar Nomination

Some people make things happen, some watch while things happen, and some wonder “what happened? Film-maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has become the first Pakistani to win an Oscar nomination for the best documentary in the short subject category. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s documentary Saving Face is about the problem of acid attacks on women in Pakistan.

‘Saving Face’ revolves around the life of a British-Pakistani plastic surgeon who donates time to heal acid victims in Pakistan. It also documents the journey of these women as they come to terms with the violence in their lives and how they fight against all odds to learn to live again, said a statement on Chinoy’s website.

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Creative Visualization: A simple technique to achieve goals

Creative Visualization

All things are created twice: first in our minds, and then in reality. Alexander Graham Bell creatively Visualized telephone before he created the masterpiece. Einstein gave the theory of relativity just by Visualizing himself in space and then mentally concluding the result.

Creative visualization is a powerful tool that allows you to communicate the things you desire to your subconscious mind. When would you see the results? I have no definite answer for you but most often, the ‘magic bullet’ to your desires will come least expected.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. If you truly believe on yourself then only you can achieve your dreams. Achieving goals by using Creative Visualization is a scientifically proven method for attaining goals in Life. Read the rest of this entry »


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