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The Readers Club | Pakistan’s first Online Book Rental Service

Call me at night and you might go to a voice mail. Call me in the early morning and you will again go to voice mail. Not because I am the president or rude but because I might be reading. Reading, yes the only thing that keeps me going, that drives my nerves. Reading is a habit which I inducted from my father. He used to bring books for me when I was a child. And now this habit transformed into an obsession. As Robin Sharma said “Cut down your expenses on clothes, cut them on your food but never cut down on your books.” I literally took this advice to the heart. Reading for me is an obsession. When I can afford I usually buy books from Liberty books but sometimes I buy second hand books too which are equally beneficial. Now this all was I came across Now the dynamics really changed. Started by Usman Siddiqui and Jawad Yousuf this website is like my dream come true.

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How to achieve your goals

Now days when I ask people how are you doing? I often get the same reply with a dull tone “Yes, we are good”. But deep down inside I can really feel that they are not living their lives fully. They are struggling for their goals without loving what they do. They have goals but fail to achieve them. On your deathbed you won’t regret the things you did; you will only regret the chances you missed.

One thing I learned from Life is we won’t get what we dream for rather what we deserve for. The thing about Life is it gives you what you ask for. Do dream wisely and Visualize your goals daily.

Protect your Dreams

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Breaking News… Is it!!

Last night after finishing my dinner as I tuned my tv to get news for the day. Switching channels with a cup of Coffee in my hand I stopped when red color flashed on the screen claiming “Breaking News“. I increased the volume to hear the “Breaking News”. Reporter started by stating “Just now we came across the news that ‘Reema Khan‘s (famous Pakistani actress) dog got injured and is taken to the hospital’ “. Instantly I regained my senses and saved the cup of Coffee which was about to fell on the floor after hearing this pathetic news.

This really made me think. Is this a thing to worry about? Now days it’s a fashion to butter up things and portray them on media. Which really don’t affect the lives of people. As Wikipedia quotes “Breaking news, also known as a special report or news bulletin, is a current event that broadcasters feel warrants the interruption of scheduled programming and/or current news in order to report its detail”

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Increase Power of Awareness by Sonia Choquette

How many times you step out of your house and forget your car keys in the house. You enter a room and forgot why you are here. Having a conversation with someone and you just can’t fully remember events from your past. These are general experiences which we face in our daily lives. In order to overcome these and boost-up our awareness Sonia Choquettes ( A world-renowned vibrational alchemist, intuitive consultant, and powerful spirited teacher) in her book Your Psychic Pathway suggested two simple techniques which can help a lot.

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11 Characteristics of Highly Influential Blogs

Bloggers are the most loved and the most hated group on social media. People love them for their valuable information, while companies (some uncool one’s obviously!) look at them with raised eye brows. However, bloggers are the most powerful community out there that can make or break a product.

Techipedia just came up with 11 characteristics of all highly influential blogs that will build your blog and its followers if you adopt them.

1. Consistency: As Aaron Pogue in its article Be Consistent to Write Better says that “Consistency in your blog appeals to readers, and it can be an extraordinarily effective tool in your writing, too.” Be consistent with your style and with your content.

2. Eloquence: If you want to influence more people, learn from influential people and use it in your blog. Gradual improvement on daily bases will get you on top.

3. Uniqueness: You are born unique so don’t write as a copy. Show the world what you want to say. Express your thoughts rather than following others.
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Is GOD Happy With Me

As a human being one thing that distinguishes us from animals is the power given by GOD to choose from right or wrong. Every deed brings us closer to or away from GOD but how do we know that we are getting close to GOD. Is it that GOD blesses those more that are close and bless less to those who are away? In this blog I will try to convey a message based upon my understandings.

Problem with human beings is that they try to find logic in everything and based upon those logic conclude results. In order to analyze yourself there are certain signs which can help us to know that “Is GOD happy with me.”
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