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It’s just a Sunnah… Not a big deal

In the Name Of Allah…The Most Gracious….The Most Merciful

Now a days we often hear from Muslims “It’s just a Sunnah (teachings by Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H); not a big deal, if we follow it we will get its reward, if not we will not be punished”. Think again, is this how we should be regarding our beloved Prophet. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who spent his whole life teaching us how to live, so that we can get rewarded in life and life after death.

Muslims now a day’s feel proud to greet their Muslim brothers and sisters in the usual fashion like “Hello, Hi, Good Evening, Good Morning, Good night” while they feel shame to follow the sunnah which is the best way to greet a Muslim. I mean it’s ok to greet the non-muslims the usual way but with Muslims we need to be specific. Every greeting in Islam is a prayer.
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Do good and people will follow you

In Islam it’s considered a sign of respect to give your place to elder people if there is no place for them to sit. “Do good and people will follow you” heard this statement all my childhood but yesterday saw practical demonstration of it and loved it. As a Muslim it’s our duty to follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and also influence others to follow them because it’s the only way to lead a successful life here and life after death.

This incident took place when I was coming back to my home from office. I was traveling in bus which was full of passengers so there was no place to sit. An aged man gets into the bus but since there was no place to sit he preferred standing right at the door. After few minutes a young man offered his place to the old man. Now this young man was standing; few stops later place was again empty and young man sat there. After two stops again an aged man entered the bus and again this young man offered his place to the old man.  Place was empty on the next spot and young man sat there.
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